Debt Mitigation

In situations when money gets in the way of partnerships and business relationships MIM Mediation can help.
WHAT YOU WANT TO DO is to get out of debt as quickly as possible with the least amount of long-term damage. Talk to anyone who was forced to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Almost without exception, they will tell you the longterm damage Chapter 7 caused wasn’t worth it. Bankruptcy is considered the last resort as a personal debt solution because of the severe, ten-year credit damage it causes. If you are considering or have been advised to file Bankruptcy, take a few minutes to look at Debt Mitigation. Debt Mitigation involves negotiating (employ a professional to do this for you) to reduce the total amount of debt you owe. Debt Mitigation is usually an aggressive approach to debt reduction and credit card relief. The advantages include the consumer is able to significantly (usually over 50%) lower the amount he or she owes, and quickly pay off the balance, as opposed to taking up to twenty years or more. An aggressive and professional debt negotiator can have a client debt-free in 12-36 months. Debt Mitigation is an excellent credit relief solution for someone with serious debt problems (over $20,000) and who has already fallen behind in their monthly payments. If a financial hardship exists (loss of income, divorce, medical bills, and other), Debt Mitigation can be a very viable option that works in your favor.

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