On-Line Mediation

On-line video mediation enables you the same opportunity to resolve your issues while  reducing travel and associated costs.  We can mediate anywhere, whether it’s around the corner or around the world. I use a secure and independent on-line service to conduct the mediation’s and ensure the best possible outcome.

On-line Mediation, sometimes known as ODR (On-line Dispute Resolution) is a respected and valued variation of mediation.

  • On-line mediation provides the ability to conduct the mediation on-line via computer video hook-up.
  • This variation of mediation offers considerable savings through reduced  travel and associated costs when the parties are geographically separated.
  • The same principles of confidentiality and process apply to all mediation’s.
  • Private Sessions can be held simply during the mediation while other parties are put on hold and muted.
  • The video hook-up is also beneficial when there are other reasons parties cannot be in the same room.

MIM Mediation; where the willing resolve conflict.

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