Business Negotiations:

When it feels like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, mediation is often the way forward. A neutral mediator will make a difference.
International negotiation is as it says: inter-national. It is about negotiation between countries.

International negotiation occurs all the time between governments and Global negotiators. It also happens between individuals and companies, where the traps and tricks of cross-border
negotiation can challenge even the most experienced home-country negotiators.

International negotiation is often not just between individual people, but between large delegations, each of which is well organized and where every person has specialized and
skilled work. There may be cultural experts, linguists and subject specialists as well as a chief negotiator and support negotiators. In a complex negotiation, there may be multiple and interlined sub-negotiations going on at the same time, for example where a trade negotiation includes deal involving various industries and interests.

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