Corporate Negotiations:

Successful resolution is a reality in commercial conflict. Contact us now to solve that impasse. Our team has learned, the risks and costs of litigation and the benefits of mediation and other non-adversarial forms of resolving disputes. The desire to promote non-litigious forms of dispute resolution, and to promote agreement making, was core thinking in the establishment of MIM Mediation.

  • Local Government
  • church and religious organisations

  • building and construction
  • property and tenancy disputes


  • commercial agreements
  • corporate disputes.


Our approach to mediation and negotiation is based on interest-based negotiation, which seeks to find ways of identifying and advancing the underlying
interests of each party, rather than getting locked into the traditional positional bargaining pattern of negotiation.

While we consider litigation a last resort, we understand this is a avenue of possibility when mediation isn’t successful.  Experience and connections in various State and Federal Courts and Tribunals are available for those instances.

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