How The Salvo’s reduce their own workplace stress

The biggest takeaway from a webinar interview with a member of The Salvation Army on Monday was how they provide access to their own staff.

Peter Webb works in the Salvation Army’s territorial head quarters in Melbourne, where they employ several Chaplains for staff to talk to ‘in confidence’ whenever they need to. The Chaplains role is essentially one of an in-house counselor; someone staff can talk to about issues they are having at work or at home. They are essentially there to provide support for staff when they need it.

The Chaplains also help open and maintain the lines of communication between different levels of the organisation enabling issues to be brought into the open and discussed as they arise. Importantly, they are not part of the HR department.

To understand more about this concept and how an in-house counselor might work in a corporate environment, please watch the 5 minute video here.

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