Malcolm is an exceptional mediator whose style and approach is extremely difficult to fault. He is always extremely well prepared and shows an interest in the subject matter. Again, that helps his relationship with the clients. His approach is always perfectly pitched to the specific circumstances of the case and to the clients.

Although he is extremely thorough and in tune with the clients’ needs, he has a relaxed and friendly approach. He knows how to handle difficult situations in a way that disentangles the complexities of the case effectively.

J.P Logistic Manager, Sydney

Malcolm has a refreshing approach to mediation – he shows a genuine interest in finding out more about the parties involved in his mediations and takes the time to get to know them, which, is a huge help and gives the parties confidence in the mediation process and in Malcolm as the mediator.

He clearly spends a lot of time reading the papers and familiarising himself with the dispute and the parties ahead of the mediation which puts him in a great position to actually be able to assist the parties and provide some useful steer, as opposed to just going from room to room. On one occasion, when it looked like the parties had reached stalemate, Malcolm managed to get them talking again on different terms to try a further settlement. He demonstrates patience and calmness and a willingness to do the job properly, and doesn’t let the fact that it’s getting late, or that the parties’ tempers are fraying get in the way of still trying to find a settlement.

L.W HR manager, Melbourne

Malcolm is a very personable and effective mediator who works hard to help the parties resolve their disputes. His style is relaxed but he is tenacious and engages in robust reality testing. He is not one of those mediators who gets very hung up about his success rates and he never “bullies” the parties into settling. Having said that, I have never had a case which he has mediated which has not settled on the day.

I’ve had several question that you responded to with answers for me so quickly for me. Malcolm has a good way with clients and in my experience he always works hard to get a settlement. He is one of the most experienced mediators available and I would recommend him for any value of claim. Good luck

J.A Manager, Melbourne