Case Studies

Community Club Mediation

The club contacted me and asked me to assist in a long running disagreement that was disrupting some members of their club. The members were anxious to resolve the disagreement that had come to a head over the several months and was affecting the smooth running of the club.
Both parties were engaged at the mediation intake interviews before hand for me to learn about their story. One intake was achieved face-to-face and other was completed on-line to save on travelling time for those participants. In this case three committee members met at one house and I was in my office 40kms away.
We were able to get both parties around the mediation table and spent several hours working through issues. Where people hadn’t been speaking for months, we were able to engage dialogue and explore where communication had broken down. It was agreed that members would be more civil towards one another at the club and work towards more respect in the future.
The mediation ended with an agreement drawn up and parties were emailed that agreement the following day. The agreement wasn’t signed on the night so people had time to confirm and ‘reality check’ the agreement before signing. After 2 minor amendments to the agreement, the document was signed and the club has gone on to improved relationships between those parties and as a result grown closer and become more member focused. #Talkinghelps