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I am Malcolm Guy, and have been involved in business conflict resolution my entire career. I bring experience gained from all levels of conflict management and change implementation in the logistics, construction, humanitarian & franchising industries. My clients benefit from knowledge gained as a franchisor in the construction industry. Resolving disagreements involving franchisees,quantity home builders and local government were a daily requirement as a franchisor then. I’ve been in business as a director in partnerships and also as the sole director; I understand the nuts and bolts of how business works.

I overcome impasses with an empathic approach to mediation combined with impartiality and discretion. Previous diverse management roles in franchising, logistics, construction & volunteering have given me extensive exposure to ADR (alternative dispute resolution). My ability to ‘cut to the chase’ of intricate disputes and explore options with those involved typically leads to clear decision paths. I create a place for the willing to resolve conflict. By creating the right environment and negotiating with all involved, I help business work through difficult issues via mediation and negotiation.

I also volunteer on a national crisis telephone help-line and have been employed by other humanitarian organisations. I’m practical, experienced, confidential & empathic and now help business, staff and suppliers work through disagreements, creating a work environment where there’s less stress, higher moral and everyone can enjoy going to work again; ultimately increasing productivity.

I live in Melbourne with my wife and 2 teenage boys.  Favourite TV show – Malcolm in the Middle.

What  is mediation?

  • Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which an impartial third-party assists people and business discuss difficult issues and negotiate an agreement.
  • Each person has an opportunity to tell their side of the story. The mediator listens and guides the process to increase understanding between the parties. The aim is to help participants reach a mutually agreeable solution by looking at options and working towards their own
  • A mediation agreement can lead to a more positive relationship in the future between private individuals, as well as businesses and staff.
  • The outcome is a result of the negotiation, not the mediator’s solution. The mediator advice in regard to the content of the dispute or the outcome, but may advise on or determine the process of mediation to
  • Mediation is a better option than going to court. It is faster, the participants control the and it costs less.
  • Mediation is also known as ADR (alternative or appropriate dispute resolution, conflict resolution,arbitration and conciliation which all mean consensus-based processes that encourage resolution outside of the court system.
  • Any party including the mediator may withdraw from the mediation at any time.
  • Any settlement reached through the mediation is written down by the parties and an agreement signed by each side to complete the mediation process. Once signed this agreement is as binding and enforceable as any other contract.
  • All negotiations during mediation are non-binding and confidential.