To Be Waleed

Waleed Aly was a deserved and very popular winner of the highest award in Australian TV last night, the Gold Logie.  Here’s Waleed’s entire humble acceptance speech.

I don’t and can’t know what it’s like to be Waleed Aly; I can only know what it’s like to be me and sometimes that doesn’t feel enough, sometimes I want to be better than I am.  But that’s not how life works, I am what I am and I am what I think.

Waleed is also the man he is because of the way he thinks about the world and then expands on his thoughts to share those thoughts with us.  What got Waleed to win the gold last night is his dedication to his work and action on his thoughts. Waleed is a very eloquent and can articulate his opinions very well to his audience.  It also helps that he now has a great team around him on a very popular nightly TV show to get his messages out to the public.  And thankfully we do have people in our community that can and do speak out and expand to others their thoughts and views in a way that is simple, clear and makes sense.

It doesn’t matter if you are given all the opportunities in the world. If you don’t make the most of the circumstances that cross your path and act on them, then you will not grow.  Opportunities are simply circumstances that give you the chance to do something different.  If you choose not to act on those opportunities then that’s your choice.

Waleed has worked very hard to get to where he is and lots of people work hard. One thing I don’t see Waleed doing though, is complaining about his situation, instead he chooses to live a decent life, making a difference by pointing out injustice and the inadequate.  Most of us don’t all have those skills or the audience to present them to, but we do have the ability to choose how and what we think, which is what will form our actions in the near future.

Think about how you think and you are able to change you outlook.

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