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  • On-Line Mediation

    On-line video mediation enables you the same opportunity to resolve your issues while  reducing travel and associated costs.  We can mediate anywhere, whether it’s around the corner or around the world. I use a secure and independent on-line service to conduct the mediation’s and ensure...
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  • Workplace Conflict:

    When emotions and personalities get in the way of productivity we can help you find a path to increased profit. Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips and Strategies for Managers and HR Workplace conflict one of the greatest causes of employee stress. Taking simple steps to resolve...
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  • Debt Mitigation

    In situations when money gets in the way of partnerships and business relationships MIM Mediation can help. WHAT YOU WANT TO DO is to get out of debt as quickly as possible with the least amount of long-term damage. Talk to anyone who was forced...
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  • Family Elder Mediation:

    Family disputes can be difficult for all involved, the sooner you start talking about the issues with a mediator, the better the outcomes. A service to help separating families resolves their family law disputes. The Family Dispute Resolution Service (formerly known as the Family Mediation...
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Hi, I'm Malcolm Guy, a Mediator. I am also an experienced Lifeline telephone counsellor and conflict resolution specialist. I overcome impasses with an empathic approach to mediation combined with impartiality and discretion. Previous diverse management roles in franchising, logistics, construction & volunteering have given me extensive exposure to ADR (alternative dispute resolution). My ability to ‘cut to the chase’ of intricate disputes and explore options with those involved typically leads to clear decision paths.
I create a place for the willing to resolve conflict. By creating the right environment and negotiating with all involved, I help business work through difficult issues via mediation and negotiation.

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