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Thanks to everyone who attended our Staff Wars webinar on Monday.  We had a great discussion with Peter Webb & the biggest takeaway I got was from Peter's current workplace, The Salvation Army.

Peter works in their territorial head quarters in Melbourne, where they employ several Chaplains for staff to talk to 'in confidence' whenever they need to.  The Chaplains role is essentially one of an in-house counselor, someone staff can talk to about issues they are having at work or at home.  They are there to provide support for staff when they need it.

To understand more about this concept and how an in-house counselor might work in a corporate environment, please watch the 5 minute video here.

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Hi, I'm Malcolm Guy, a Mediator. I am also an experienced Lifeline telephone counsellor and conflict resolution specialist. I overcome impasses with an empathic approach to mediation combined with impartiality and discretion. Previous diverse management roles in franchising, logistics, construction & volunteering have given me extensive exposure to ADR (alternative dispute resolution). My ability to ‘cut to the chase’ of intricate disputes and explore options with those involved typically leads to clear decision paths.
I create a place for the willing to resolve conflict. By creating the right environment and negotiating with all involved, I help business work through difficult issues via mediation and negotiation.

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